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The mysterious immune system

The mysterious immune system. Have you ever slid to the side of a lift, covering your mouth and face from the invisible army of bad guys that is emanating from the sneezy, wheezy person who has just entered the lift? You have done everything to avoid a cold this year and now this… stuck in […]

Airmune – catching you when you catch something.

To say Airmune has your back is putting it mildly. Keeping it real, Airmune has literally become a household name over the last 5 years and the best defence weapon in your winter warfare germ arsenal. Are YOU Airmuning yet? With a blast of Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc along with amino acids, more antioxidants […]

Immune system supporters peak over winter season

While cold and flu germs are inevitable over the winter period it seems that more and more people are turning to nutritional support during the winter. When looking at product usage trends, a sharp rise in the use of immune system supporters from April is evident and this carries right through to September.  Data supplied […]

Airmune for athlete support

To most people, running the Comrades Marathon is just a dream too far, something so out of reach it will never be a consideration. There are some individuals however, who just cannot get enough of training for that next hill, that better time, the mental conquering of doubt and the feeling they have accomplishing something […]

Age old cold and flu remedies.

When you say cold or flu at your next large family gathering, listen to what the older generations insist are the best remedies for cold and flu and silently giggle. Ask a sample of friends what their mothers used to make them take when a cold was clearly on its way. There is always some […]

The Loss of Manpower Due to Employee Absenteeism

Are you really ill, or just throwing a sickie? Your day off costs the SA economy so much more than eight hours of lost labour. Absenteeism costs the SA economy between R12 – 16 billion every year, and on any given day OCSA suggests that two of the three absent employees aren’t really ill. Constant absenteeism […]

Cold and flu? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You are on the go 24/7 and you’re always where the action is. There’s just no space in your diary for colds and flu. Ever. You want to be where things are happening, whether in the boardroom, the dinner party of the year or the sports field. There’s nothing worse than having your assistant read […]