The mysterious immune system

The mysterious immune system.

Have you ever slid to the side of a lift, covering your mouth and face from the invisible army of bad guys that is emanating from the sneezy, wheezy person who has just entered the lift? You have done everything to avoid a cold this year and now this… stuck in a lift with the inevitable viral load.

There are many opportunities for viruses and bacteria to enter the body and most days our magnificent bodies can cope with the bug onslaught.

The immune system is quite a mystery to most, with its pathways and networks of proteins, cells and organs. The immune system’s soldiers originate in the bone marrow and then move to the outer tissues and circulate through the bloodstream and via a system called the lymphatic system.

When the immune system is working appropriately, we humans don’t even notice it is there. It is when the immune system is not working properly that we face illness and in winter colds and flu are the most common.

At times, due to factors such as stress, poor diet, medication or lack of sleep the immune system, the defence system of the body, may be compromised and not perform at optimal levels. This is when the risk of becoming sick becomes higher. The job of the immune system is to neutralise and remove toxins such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites that enter the body. It also helps to remove the body’s own cells that are affected by illness.

Symptoms can appear while the human body strives to fight pathogens responsible for infection. Fever, coughing, runny or blocked nose, sore throat, muscle aches and pains are linked to the start of cold or flu.

Surviving a cold or flu becomes all a person thinks about when they get sick and most people run to their nearest pharmacy to go get symptom relievers or raid their cupboard for anything left over from last season’s cold onslaught. While cold and flu medications are a great solution for eliminating pain, fever and cold symptoms, it may also be beneficial to support your body nutritionally with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to help keep the immune system strong. When the diet does not cover all these requirements, Airmune could be a useful addition to your daily health regimen, ensuring that you give your immune system great nutritional support.

With 17 active ingredients, Airmune delivers a powerful vitamin and mineral blast to be one of your allies during winter bug warfare.

Some helpful tips:

  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and cover your mouth when you cough to keep from spreading viruses and bacteria.
  • Washing your hands well and often is the best way to stop the spread of micro-organisms.
  • Use tissues when you sneeze or have a runny nose. Do not throw tissues on the floor to pick up later, but make sure to put them in the trash bin and, again, remember to wash your hands.


Airmune – catching you when you catch something.

To say Airmune has your back is putting it mildly. Keeping it real, Airmune has literally become a household name over the last 5 years and the best defence weapon in your winter warfare germ arsenal. Are YOU Airmuning yet?

With a blast of Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc along with amino acids, more antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, this pink effervescent wonderwork will pack a potent punch and aid your body to nutritionally support your immune system.

When you start with an itch and scratch in the throat or if you have left it too late and have full blown flu, you can use Airmune knowing that viruses will be dealt with more robustly. Your immune system is amazing but sometimes frankly, you don’t supply all the necessary nutrition,  sleep or relaxation for it to work at 100% capacity. If lifestyle choices were better perhaps the immune system would work well, but in this day and age we do tend to ignore what we should be doing with fun, food and stretching out our day to maximise every minute and leaving little time for sleep which can all knock our defences.

Winter is the time when you are barraged with all kinds of bugs that can challenge your ability to have the best time.

Using Airmune, incidentally one of South Africa’s favourite immune supporters, as your partner in fun crime will help go a long way to make sure you are nutritionally supported to keep that immune system strong. With 17 active ingredients why would you choose any other immune system supporter?

Airmune. Forget what it feels like to be sick!


Immune system supporters peak over winter season

While cold and flu germs are inevitable over the winter period it seems that more and more people are turning to nutritional support during the winter. When looking at product usage trends, a sharp rise in the use of immune system supporters from April is evident and this carries right through to September.  Data supplied by IMS a company that collates data related to pharmaceutical product purchase from wholesalers and manufacturers to pharmacies, shows the peak of the immune system supporter season around July which ties in with the colder weather experienced in the winter season.

We recently surfed the internet to see what people are saying about Airmune. The best feedback is always from consumers who use and love the product.

The wife of a popular local singer said she was celebrating her anniversary and was celebrating with a sparkling glass of Airmune as they had both contracted the flu.  Using Airmune as your back up singer during flu is wise as it helps to send in immune system reinforcements it seems.

Many consumers also appear to use Airmune in combination with cold and flu medications which they say helps them get over the flu quicker. Extra help for the body during winter seems to be very welcome.

Wonderful anecdotal references for Airmune are The Pink Ninjas, bubbles to fix the troubles and THE pink drink. While references to the taste of Airmune are not so glowing due to the herbal component, there is widespread agreement that the effectiveness of Airmune is key to its success.

While catching a cold or flu is serious business, Airmune has also managed to keep supporting those immune systems through humour. Many consumers are laughing heartily when hearing the quirky and fun Airmune commercials on radio over the winter period.  Laughing has been said to help the immune system so Airmune is working on many levels!

Use Airmune to forget what it feels like to be sick. With 17 active ingredients, Airmune has you covered this winter.

Airmune for athlete support

To most people, running the Comrades Marathon is just a dream too far, something so out of reach it will never be a consideration.

There are some individuals however, who just cannot get enough of training for that next hill, that better time, the mental conquering of doubt and the feeling they have accomplishing something great within themselves.

If you are looking for inspiration, one of our keen Cipla supporters, Prodigal Khumalo ticks all of the boxes when it comes to dedication as an athlete. Not only has he arranged his life to fit in all that he needs to do for his running career, he has a wonderful support network that allows him the opportunities to meet his daily training challenges.

Prodigal’s passion is running. In his words, he eats, sleeps, dreams, talks running and has the single minded goal of continually growing to be a better runner in each race that he takes part in.

Not only does Prodigal work hard at running, he manages a full time career as a salesman and sets himself time to refresh and reboot by spending time at the beach in Durban. Being Durban based certainly has its benefits as the temperature makes it feel like it’s summer all year round.

Prodigal’s support network is made up of his employer, a popular clothing line as well as his coach. He also uses various supplements to keep his body supported nutritionally. His immune system is supported by Airmune, a leading South African immune supporter and he firmly believes in using Airmune before big events like the Comrades as the last thing he needs, is to become sick which is taxing on the body and takes time out of his training regimen.

This year Prodigal is already off to a good start by winning the Postnet Maritzburg Marathon in February this year which enables him to qualify for the Comrades Marathon. We will keep a close eye on Prodigal this year as one of the top contenders for the Comrades Marathon.

Prodigal’s hero is Haile Gebrselassie who is now 43 and in his career has achieved 27 World Records. Prodigal aspires to be like Haile and is amazed by Haile’s tenacity and mirrors this quality in his own life.


Prodigal Khumalo_Airmune

Age old cold and flu remedies.

When you say cold or flu at your next large family gathering, listen to what the older generations insist are the best remedies for cold and flu and silently giggle.

Ask a sample of friends what their mothers used to make them take when a cold was clearly on its way. There is always some debate about what works best and be careful if you don’t like granny’s advice, she may catch you with a big spoon of evil liquid!

Some corkers came up during a brief office survey here at Cipla. The list looks something like this:

Castor oil or cod liver oil on a spoon every night during winter

Vitamin C tablets – the really really really sour kind

Hot toddies which the doddery aunt insisted was for cold and flu but the amount of whiskey in the hot toddy would be sure to knock out a bear

Gargling with vicious tasting yellow liquids in a scary looking bottle or gargling with warm salt water

Menthol, eucalyptus and camphor rubs, all over the body, on the chest, under the nose and the strangest place on the body … on the feet!

Snorting salt water from a cup – I kid you not

Grandma’s chicken soup

Ginger remedies for everything from PMS to colds and flu

Of course you can try all these when you start feeling like you are falling under the weather and you may have to go through a little discomfort or we can let you in on a little secret weapon of our own. So we know of Echinacea, ginger, vitamin C especially and then various other immune supporting remedies which have been used over the years. Although we can’t offer you the whiskey toddy, Airmune contains 17 ingredients in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbal and plant extracts as well as amino acids. Airmune includes 1000 mg of vitamin C, ginger and Echinacea all available in a delightfully pink bubbly drink designed to provide nutrition for the immune system when you need it the most.

Give your immune system nutritional support with Airmune and forget what it feels like to be sick.

This secret weapon is available at pharmacies across South Africa in 10’s and 30’s for the entire family to use!

The Loss of Manpower Due to Employee Absenteeism

Are you really ill, or just throwing a sickie? Your day off costs the SA economy so much more than eight hours of lost labour.

Absenteeism costs the SA economy between R12 – 16 billion every year, and on any given day OCSA suggests that two of the three absent employees aren’t really ill.

Constant absenteeism has a knock-on effect on general productivity, profit margins and staff morale. And with smaller businesses, the effect may be greater because of the reliance on smaller numbers of employees. In some cases, one day’s absence can cost a company the equivalent of three days’ salary for the absent employee.

But why do workers stay at home when they are not sick?

An underlying factor for absenteeism may be stress, either in the workplace or at home, according to the CEO of Humanity Search and Select, specialist executive search firm.

If the workplace itself is stressful, people can be tempted to take a day off to avoid the stressed environment. She also emphasises that stress is an underlying cause of many physical and mental illnesses. Minor sources of stress can come from a computer that doesn’t work, internet issues or a telephone that rings all the time. Major sources of stress can come from office politics, having too much work, doing work that is unfulfilling, fear of losing your job or not getting along with your boss, according to Dr Judy Jaye, manager of the Stress Clinic. Add to those personal problems that affect someone’s productivity, such as chronic illness, relationship problems or an addiction, and the scene is set for a less than satisfying or productive workplace.

In the last decade or so, many companies have realised that work wellness programmes are an effective long-term human asset management strategy. Wellness programmes often consist of health education, medical screenings, fitness programmes, and access to information and support when it comes to something like the management of chronic diseases.

With predictable regularity, colds and flu strike at particular times of the year. So, knowing when the flu season is likely to start, employers can be proactive as prevention is clearly the way to go in ensuring the health of employees. The savvy employer can provide staff with information on how to support their immune systems to prevent colds and flu through healthy diet and lifestyle choices, and by using products which provide immune system support. Because, after all, being well is good for the employee and for the boss!


Cold and flu? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You are on the go 24/7 and you’re always where the action is. There’s just no space in your diary for colds and flu. Ever.

You want to be where things are happening, whether in the boardroom, the dinner party of the year or the sports field. There’s nothing worse than having your assistant read out the winning presentation you worked on for months, or sitting on the side lines while someone else scores the winning goal.

And you want to be remembered as the sparkling conversationalist around the dinner table, not the one who sneezed all evening and went home early. The limelight likes you, and for a good reason.

You lead from the front, and you’re ahead of the game in just about all aspects of your life. And you would not want things any other way, not because you have a fear of missing out, but just because you like being where everything is happening. And that’s how others see you too.

In your life there’s just no time for sick leave, a duvet day, and taking rain checks on important meetings and get-togethers.

You plan everything ahead: your winter wardrobe, the holidays, your social life, family outings, your finances. There’s no reason why any of these should be interrupted or derailed by an inconvenient bout of flu or a nasty cold.

Airmune might be a solution to keep you going at full tilt through the winter cold and flu season. This effervescent is one of South Africa’s favourite immune system supporters and it contains an effective blend of 17 ingredients which will help you never miss a beat.

And now you have to run – the game won’t start without you.