Airmune for athlete support

To most people, running the Comrades Marathon is just a dream too far, something so out of reach it will never be a consideration.

There are some individuals however, who just cannot get enough of training for that next hill, that better time, the mental conquering of doubt and the feeling they have accomplishing something great within themselves.

If you are looking for inspiration, one of our keen Cipla supporters, Prodigal Khumalo ticks all of the boxes when it comes to dedication as an athlete. Not only has he arranged his life to fit in all that he needs to do for his running career, he has a wonderful support network that allows him the opportunities to meet his daily training challenges.

Prodigal’s passion is running. In his words, he eats, sleeps, dreams, talks running and has the single minded goal of continually growing to be a better runner in each race that he takes part in.

Not only does Prodigal work hard at running, he manages a full time career as a salesman and sets himself time to refresh and reboot by spending time at the beach in Durban. Being Durban based certainly has its benefits as the temperature makes it feel like it’s summer all year round.

Prodigal’s support network is made up of his employer, a popular clothing line as well as his coach. He also uses various supplements to keep his body supported nutritionally. His immune system is supported by Airmune, a leading South African immune supporter and he firmly believes in using Airmune before big events like the Comrades as the last thing he needs, is to become sick which is taxing on the body and takes time out of his training regimen.

This year Prodigal is already off to a good start by winning the Postnet Maritzburg Marathon in February this year which enables him to qualify for the Comrades Marathon. We will keep a close eye on Prodigal this year as one of the top contenders for the Comrades Marathon.

Prodigal’s hero is Haile Gebrselassie who is now 43 and in his career has achieved 27 World Records. Prodigal aspires to be like Haile and is amazed by Haile’s tenacity and mirrors this quality in his own life.


Prodigal Khumalo_Airmune