The mysterious immune system

The mysterious immune system.

Have you ever slid to the side of a lift, covering your mouth and face from the invisible army of bad guys that is emanating from the sneezy, wheezy person who has just entered the lift? You have done everything to avoid a cold this year and now this… stuck in a lift with the inevitable viral load.

There are many opportunities for viruses and bacteria to enter the body and most days our magnificent bodies can cope with the bug onslaught.

The immune system is quite a mystery to most, with its pathways and networks of proteins, cells and organs. The immune system’s soldiers originate in the bone marrow and then move to the outer tissues and circulate through the bloodstream and via a system called the lymphatic system.

When the immune system is working appropriately, we humans don’t even notice it is there. It is when the immune system is not working properly that we face illness and in winter colds and flu are the most common.

At times, due to factors such as stress, poor diet, medication or lack of sleep the immune system, the defence system of the body, may be compromised and not perform at optimal levels. This is when the risk of becoming sick becomes higher. The job of the immune system is to neutralise and remove toxins such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites that enter the body. It also helps to remove the body’s own cells that are affected by illness.

Symptoms can appear while the human body strives to fight pathogens responsible for infection. Fever, coughing, runny or blocked nose, sore throat, muscle aches and pains are linked to the start of cold or flu.

Surviving a cold or flu becomes all a person thinks about when they get sick and most people run to their nearest pharmacy to go get symptom relievers or raid their cupboard for anything left over from last season’s cold onslaught. While cold and flu medications are a great solution for eliminating pain, fever and cold symptoms, it may also be beneficial to support your body nutritionally with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to help keep the immune system strong. When the diet does not cover all these requirements, Airmune could be a useful addition to your daily health regimen, ensuring that you give your immune system great nutritional support.

With 17 active ingredients, Airmune delivers a powerful vitamin and mineral blast to be one of your allies during winter bug warfare.

Some helpful tips:

  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and cover your mouth when you cough to keep from spreading viruses and bacteria.
  • Washing your hands well and often is the best way to stop the spread of micro-organisms.
  • Use tissues when you sneeze or have a runny nose. Do not throw tissues on the floor to pick up later, but make sure to put them in the trash bin and, again, remember to wash your hands.